The Bent Spoon – A Skeptical Magazine For True Believers

In my last post I spoke out against the negative attitude of skeptics who seem more interested in “preaching to the choir” instead of using positive outreach to teach those eager to learn.  Today I’m happy to post about a project I am involved in that does the exact opposite.

While not a big part of the so-called skeptical community, as of this writing I am a member of the most notable organizations and have supported the movement in its effort to teach critical thinking, particularly when it comes to paranormal claims and potentially dangerous alternative medical treatments.  I believe that the best way to do this, and by far the most interesting, is to go directly where the true believers are.  Each week on Strange Frequencies Radio, Bobby Nelson and myself present an open and honest dialogue between both skeptics and believers on a variety of topics.  We’ve received a number of positive comments from listeners who have told us that our entertaining approach to these issues has helped them to question things in a way they haven’t before.  To me, that is a very good thing.  It is important to me that, aside from being educational, we are also fun.

Still, an episode a week of an internet radio show hasn’t been enough.  I wanted the opportunity to write a few articles from time to time, and wanted to branch out from beyond the confines of my Fortean Squirrel blog.  So, when Bobby and our mutual pal Nicholas Callis informed me about their idea for a free monthly magazine that would help bridge the gap between skeptics and believers, I was very much interested in contributing.

The Bent Spoon truly is a skeptical magazine for the true believer.  The articles are written from a skeptical point of view, but I feel like they are not preachy, and instead foster an attitude of outreach.  The Bent Spoon actually wants to get a conversation going, and not be considered “the last word” on any topic covered.  While I definitely feel like there is always room for improvement, I am happy to report that the first issue was delivered to the email inbox of its subscribers, and the response has been positive.  You can download it HERE.  Issue #2 is just around the corner.

Again, The Bent Spoon is a free monthly e-zine.  However, because I couldn’t resist having my own print edition, I purchased a copy from MagCloud.  I can now call myself a published author, even if it does make me sound like a self-important douche ha ha ha.  Besides, along with the print copy, you also get the digital edition.  It looks great on a computer, and gorgeous on my iPad.

If you’re interested in the paranormal, the supernatural, or anything that might be considered “weird” or “fringe,” I think you’ll like The Bent Spoon.  I write a regular column called SOUPernatural in which I take on a broad paranormal topic and try my best to explain the best possible science against its existence.  I also contribute answers to questions from readers and other articles about why I don’t believe in the paranormal things I used to.  The Bent Spoon also features lighter fare like reviews, interviews, comic strips, and other fun stuff.

If you aren’t already a subscriber, check out the The Bent Spoon website and become one.  Maybe you have questions you’d like to send in, or would even like to contribute something.  Visit the website and contact the founders.  They not only want to hear from you, they want to include you.  Help us keep these important conversations going.