Trust me, I’m a "Doctor"

A few months back, I posted here on Fortean Squirrel about online degrees you could make for yourself from Brian Dunning’s Thunderwood College.  Degrees in Paranormal Studies!  I got one in parapsychology and one in cryptozoology.  I joked that I was now an important person in the paranormal community, and looked forward to booking myself on internet radio shows. 

Now, in an effort to increase my education by just getting degrees off of the internet, I present to you:  My Doctor of Metaphysics Degree from the Universal Life Church!

Yes, it was a little over 10 years ago that I was ordained through the ULC and received my credentials as a Reverend.  If you look closely at the certificate, you will see that I actually got this Metaphysics degree back in 2006.  Yeah, I’ve been saving this up for 5 years.  I’m a total dork.

Anyway, aside from free online ordination, they also offer silly degrees and “special titles.”  So, if you’ve ever wanted to call yourself “Professor Emeritus,” “Zen Master,” or something similar, have at it.  Prices vary.