A Few Recent Adventures

My pal Bobby took me to a restaurant called “San Marcos” recently. It took me 31 years, but I finally had authentic Mexican food. I’m talking lengua and barbacoa (cow head and cow tongue) here. My friend Lou, who is a lot more Mexican than half-breed Bobby, says that stuff is crappy backwoods Mexican garbage. I can only say it wasn’t as nasty as it sounds, and that I feel a lot better about my chances to win at Fear Factor someday.

I took an excursion to an old train bridge in the rundown area of South Toledo. I can never walk along tracks and not think of the movie Stand By Me. One of my favorite films.

Here is some of the decades of graffiti I found scribbled in paint by the teenage miscreants who had come before me. I need a translator. Does anyone speak dipshit?

Here’s the view down below. In the distance you can see the pedestrian bridge that leads folks to and from the Toledo Zoo. Our zoo, along with the Toledo Museum of Art, are truly a couple of the points of pride for locals.

Here is one photo from a late night Ouija board session. We all learned a lot that night about how the Ouija board is said to “work.” I wrote a quick blog about it HERE. But for now, here is the picture. And yes, that is an authentic 1891 Charles Kennard ORIGINAL Ouija board. Pretty awesome.

Okay, that’s all for now. When Ive got a few more photos of any upcoming adventures, I’ll be sure to share them here. Hope you enjoyed the journey!

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3 thoughts on “A Few Recent Adventures

  1. That cow head and tongue do sound scary!!Your Ouija is very cool. Another blogger just did a big post on Ouija boards – she was trying to get hold of pictures of boards in different styles and from different time periods. She would have loved your one.

  2. I wish I owned it! It belongs to my friend Bobby. He collects a bunch of paranormal, or otherwise weird and bizarre artifacts. I have affectionately named his collection, "Bobby's Oddities."Here is a great place for that other blogger: http://www.museumoftalkingboards.com/gal1.html She should talk to Robert Murch…he's probably the foremost expert on Ouija history, and is about the coolest, most approachable, guy. He simply LOVES Ouija boards.

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