Meet your new Fortean Squirrel

Hey, who is that new guy up at the top of the blog?  That, my friends, is the new representative that will be greeting you during each of your visits to Fortean Squirrel.  It was provided to me earlier tonight by friend and fellow aficionado of the abnormal, Mr. Ken Summers!

If you don’t know much about Ken, he is a prolific writer and paranormal researcher who has been delving into the things that go bump in the night since 1995.  I’d suggest that you check out his very awesome blog Spooked! (which is also listed on the blog roll down below) and, by all means, grab yourself a copy of his book, “Queer Hauntings,” which features tales of gay and lesbian ghosts.  I recommend it…despite what Jimmy Fallon says!

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Ken on Strange Frequencies Radio a while back, but it’s been even better getting to known him personally.  He’s just an interesting, fun, and cool kind of dude; the kind of guy that takes a couple hours and just does something randomly nice for you…like photoshop a creepy looking squirrel for your blog!

Thanks again, buddy.