Paranormal Q & A

Recently, I posted a couple of articles that had originally appeared in The Bent Spoon, a free monthly paranormal magazine I contribute to.  It is geared as a skeptical primer for true believers in a variety of paranormal phenomena.  I’d like to do that again now; this time with a couple of questions I answered in the pages of the ‘zine.

First, Michele asked why ghost hunters get bashed for using equipment to prove ghosts exist when skeptics use equipment to prove they don’t.  It was a good question, and one I did my best to answer completely.  Basically, ghost hunters tend to use their equipment improperly, which leads to a variety of false positives.  And skeptics shouldn’t ever be saying “ghosts don’t exist” unless they can prove the negative.  Here is my full answer, as published on Examiner:

“Using Scientific Equipment in Ghost Hunting”

The other question comes from Mark, who asked about how our eyes can fool us while investigating ghost claims.  I gave a few examples of how our senses are fooled on a regular basis that we all admit to, then tried to explain how some of our important senses on a ghost hunt are compromised when we turn out the lights.  Here is the full question and answer, live now on Examiner:

“Ghost Hunting Plays Tricks on Your Eyes”

I give thanks once again to Michele and Mark for submitting the questions.  I enjoy opening up communication about these issues, and I appreciate continuing these types of important conversations in The Bent Spoon, right here on Fortean Squirrel, or anywhere the opportunity arises.

As always, I welcome any questions, comments, or criticism.