Debunked hauntings, ghost hunter mishaps and more!

I recently posted a few articles on  That’s the site where I am supposed to “examine” paranormal and hauntings in Toledo, but all I really do is post the stuff that is published in The Bent Spoon Magazine.  Speaking of which, the new issue about ghost hunting is out now.  You should take a look, download old issues, or subscribe.  It’s all free!

4 Famous Haunting Debunked

In this article, I wrote about reputedly haunted sites across the country and around the world that a lot of folks think are haunted.  Many have been featured on television.  Of course, when you actually look into the stories, you often find the facts don’t add up.  Check it out.

5 Ghost Hunter Fallacies

You can’t throw a rock into a crowd of ghost hunters without hitting one that thinks they are doing science.  In this article, I took a look at 5 ways the typical amateur investigator misuses their equipment, mixes up the scientific method, and generally screws everything up.  Read it.  You’ll probably recognize almost every team you’ve ever met.

Ghost Hunters – How Do You Know?

Epistemology is the study of how we know what we know.  In this article, I apply it to the ghost hunting community and ask how they back up their belief systems and statements of fact when it comes to their hobby.  Can they read this and honestly say they know the stuff they think they know?  Find out.