Under the Microscope

Last night I took a few pictures, using my phone, at objects under my microscope. It’s not ideal, since I basically suck as a photographer anyway.  But I share them here in the hope that people who like weird stuff like me will enjoy them.

Let’s start with this one. This photo is of the mouth parts of a honeybee under high magnification.

Pretty cool, huh? This was the first thing I looked at after I bought my microscope that really hooked me. Don’t get me wrong, dog cardiac muscle and things like that are great too. But the honeybee was just fascinating. Here is another photo of a honeybee; this time a section of leg.

Awesome stuff. But there’s more. I also enjoy pine leaf because of how intricate something so simple looking can appear under a microscope. See for yourself.

Blades of grass, too, are kind of neat. I was grabbing just about anything I could find at this point. And though the grass blade wasn’t quite so translucent, the microscope did unveil a little of the detail we normally miss.

I then began to examine pieces of myself. That’s right! Curiosity got the best of me. I prepared a slide of my cheek cells but couldn’t get them to show up very well in a photograph. I decided to dye the slide with methylene blue. Ive gotten better views before, but this one wasn’t bad.

I wanted to find something simpler. I was thinking skin scrapings, but then it hit me…a strand of my hair! So I plucked one out, laid it on a slide, and took a peek. Pretty crazy!

Now what about my own blood? Yup, I went there as well. I had a small scab that I opened up a little for a sample. Did you know you can see your blood moving under a microscope? It’s true! This photo won’t show that, of course, but it’s still interesting.

I’ll close with one more, not of my own body, but from the pre-made slides I bought from AmScope. This, believe it or not, is rabbit testis. Poor rabbit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the slides. To highlight some of the photos, I’ve used simple filters from Instagram. But you’ve gotten the real deal apart from that. Interesting stuff, huh? I love this microscope!

Thanks for reading.

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